Operating Media

• Water 




• Immediate Intervention

• No Shock Effect

• Automatic discharing

• No pumping Action



Fields of Operation

• Beside the direct usage for fire at the cities, towns, it is used for supply of water for the fire department, at factories, warehouses, buildings, industrial plants,etc. for controlling the fire.


Working Princible

Operating nut when turned to opening direction by special hydrant key, moves the movement hose down. Disc is seperated seat therefore the hydrant has been opened . When operating nut is turned into closing direction hydrant becomes shuts-off by the reverse action is applied. The gate closes at the flow direction top to bottom. The gate provides drip-tight sealing because of being under water pressure water line.



 Diameter DN 80 - DN 100 - DN 150

Pressure PN 16

Dimension TS EN 14384

Material GJL250 Cast Iron

 Connection Type DIN 1092-2 PN 16 Flanged

Highness 1435 mm

1750 mm

2150 mm

Color Cast Steel - Red 

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