Operating media

• Dusty media:Cement in facilities and silos

• Viscous media:egbitumen(petrol industry and refineries), molasse(brweries)

• Fluids and gases in refinery- and tank-farm-contruction(hydrocarbonds,fuel,kerosene,oils)

• liguid and natural gases

• Supply of compressed air for industry

• Drinking wather supply: shut-off and control valves

• Superheated wather, steam and head transfer oils: in calloric power plants and district heading supply

• Textile, pulp and paper industry: dy liguor

• Construction of tang lorries and wagons: Drain valves

• Chmical industry: acit-resistant ball valves for chemical solutions(acids, ıyes, etc)




• Asbestos free

• Reliable, leak-tight shut off-in line and to the atmosphere

• Unique robuts construction principle

• No wear on seling surfaces

• Insensitive to impurity

• Long service life and optimised life cycle costs

• Excellent regulation of flow

• Maintenance free

• PTFE Stainless steeldisc spring



Fields of Operation

• District heating

• Energy producing

• Refinery

• Steel production

• Petrochemical

• Chemistry

• Prodiction of tobacco

• Food and beverage

• Pulp and paper

• Tobacco, beer and sugar factories



The Sealing System

The ball togather with the two sealing elements at the inlet and outlet of the ball valve, forms a single system the pressure of themedium process the ball agains the sealing element at the outlet part, but at the same time process the sealing element at the inlet part against ball. The reulting double sealing effect means inceased service reliabity. Both seals, act simultaneously. The sleeve surronding the out edges of the diaphragm disc seals the ball valve to atmosphere.



Diameter DN 15-300 (1/2"-10")

Pressure PN 16 - PN 40

Tempature 400 °C max

Material GJL250 Cast Iron

1.0619 Ductile Iron

1.4408 Cast Steel


Connection Type Flanged. .. DIN EN 1092-2

Screwed... .DIN EN ISO 228-1

Socket........ DIN EN 12760

External Dimension Flanged DIN EN 558-1/1.seri

Screwed DIN EN 3202-4/M9

Socket DIN EN 3202-4/M9

Color Cast Iron – Grey

Cast Steel – Blue

Stainless Steel - Metalic

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